Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Get your FREE domain with mail forwarding! Nothing Beats FREE!!!

I used to have my own Dot TK domain, like 2 years ago but nobody visits my blog on Friendster so I eventually lost it. Last night, I made a new account and became a DotTK Ambassador today. It's really exciting because you get 5 virtual fish for every referral. You can exchange those virtual fish for really neat stuff available in the Dot TK Barter Market - Dot TK caps, Dot, TK webcams, Dot TK, shirts and pens, etc. Isn't that cool???

Dot TK relates to the country of Tokelau, a group of islands in the South Pacific. In Tokelau, fishing is considered to be a full time job so fish is a valuable commodity for them. That is why they use "virtual fish" to reward their ambassadors.

Get your FREE Dot TK domain with mail forwarding now and start earning "virtual fish" by referring your friends. Nothing beats FREE!!!

Click on the video below and enter your URL to get your FREE domain:

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