Monday, September 22, 2008

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A peek on a metropolitan chic's life

"Sometimes, I think too much. Sometimes, I talk too much. And often times, I write too much. Posted below are detailed pieces of writings, interpretations and imagery of different personas. In relevance to the icon “happenings”, my blog may portray some realities existing in my mundane life but then, some are just “pure FICTION” – a product of my mind’s eye. Enjoy reading lots of my revelations and fantasies!"

Wedding Cake Hints

Wedding cake hints, photos, and ideas to inspire

Cre8tive Kitchen

"Free recipes and free cooking tips for everybody who cooks. My blog features quick and easy meal recipes, canning and preserving, cake decorating, baking, and much more!"

Cre8tive Kitchen

Kikay Corner

Pinay Mommy Online

-mixed thoughts of a stay at home mommy-

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