Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lightning Mcqueen Cake

My First Try at a Lightning McQueen Cake

One of my old friends from high school asked me to make a car cake for her nephew. Of course, I confidently said yes, since I've made a few car cakes before.

After a few days, I got a text message from her telling me that the kid's mom is requesting a Lightning McQueen cake. I didn't want to turn anyone down but I knew I just couldn't do a character cake. Just a bit of mistake will make it look like Tigger instead of McQueen ha ha ha kidding! I told her I couldn't do it but she insisted and told me to do something close to McQueen like a plain red car or whatever. Okay, she convinced me! So I didn't sleep the night before the birthday to make the cake. It was so hard to create but I'm quite happy with the results - not that much! We were joking about it that it was a cross between Herbie and Lightning Mcqueen but I'm glad it didn't look like Tigger! :-p

My picture of me and the cake!

I didn't have a Lightning McQueen cake pan so I had to carve it. It's not perfect but I tried my best! It's my first time to do a carved cake. Also, I didn't have a toy Mcqueen to use as a model so I had to guess what he looked like in 3D form.

Instead of Rustee's, I wrote the kid's name and his age - just my idea. Plus, the Rustee's logo is kind of complicated. Everything is edible. It's a dense Devil's Food Cake, filled and frosted with vanilla buttercream, and covered in marshmallow fondant with fondant accents. Wheels were oreos glued with buttercream.


maggie said...

it looks good to me! can i have some, hihi.

Jennie said...

oh my! this is my lil guy's ever favorite pixar character! he knows every single line of every single character of the movie cars, i'm sure he will turn nuts when i get this kind of cake for his birthday. i saw one time in galleria that goldilocks does these kinds of cakes, but the price is way over the top. good luck!

how much did you charge for this baby? ang saya, galing2 mo sarah! :-) i only bake cookies, lasagna and everything else. I tried cakes before but i didnt like how it looked after, i guess i got discouraged. hahaha! it would be nice though to go back to trying. :D

Sarah Enriquez said...

As far as I remember, I charged Php 350 for that cake.

But I don't do it for the business anymore. I began to lose that so called "joy of baking" because of business. I was frustrated and stressed out all the time. Ha ha ha!
(kaya ngayon parating labor of love nalang ha ha ha!)

Try the Moist Chocolate Cake with ganache frosting recipe. You can never go wrong with that! (basta hindi ma over bake :-p)

Never pa ko gumawa ng lasagna! Pahinging recipe, Ate! ha ha!

Sarah Enriquez said...

Thanks for the comments!

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