Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Stressful Baking

One thing that makes baking stressful to me is the mess. A single 6-inch round cake can make the whole house look like a bakery kitchen. I just hate being messy! But even if I get stressed out with the mess, I still bake. I guess I'm just weird.

Two weeks from now, I will be making our church anniversary cake... again! When my sister heard that, she said, "Don't go crazy again!" She has been a witness to most of my baking disasters. Well, not just a witness but a victim ha ha ha! So now I am preparing myself more on how I can clean as I go rather than the cake design. By the way, I won't use fondant this time. I want it to be more simple than last year's cake. I am planning to make a simple chocolate cake covered in ganache and I'm going to use real flowers for the decorations. In short, I want it to be less stressful. Don't get me wrong, I am really excited with my next church anniversary cake! I really am but I just want it to be less stressful this time and hopefully apply that so called "clean-as-you-go method."

Okay so maybe I know why I still bake even if the price I have to pay is stress - It's because joy outweighs stress. Am I making any sense?

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