Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Posting a review of someone or something

I really want to post a review of my favorite cake designer artist and some of her designs however, I'm not sure how I will not violate some copyright policies (or whatever you call that). I left a message on her site, asking for permission if I can post some of her designs and that I will surely include her name, her company's name and a link to her website... and of course, some text that says, "POSTED WITH PERMISSION." I hope she approves. I don't know if the message will get to her. I guess she has a crew who does that for her.

Oh well, I really don't know any of the rules on making a review of a product or person. If any of you reads this and know anything on how I can post a review without breaking the "rules" please leave a comment. As of now, the best way that I can think of for posting a review of something or someone is to ask the person who owns the content if he/she wants it to be featured in my blog.

Any help will be appreciated! Thanks!


Leah said...

You raise a good point. I've always left all the info (like name of book, author, etc)...I figured that way I am not trying to call it my own. You know?

pussreboots said...

You can post a review without using any of her photos. Just link to her site and link to the pages that have your favorite photographs.